Property Maintenance

Property maintenance concerns doing repairs and improvements to a property or building to increase its overall condition. It commonly involves restoring broken locks, fixing cracked doors, repairing damaged roofs, and rehabilitating devastated walls and other areas of concern that require immediate maintenance inside homes and commercial buildings.

The maintenance may also include parts outside the vicinity that need reviving like lawns, swimming pools, and yards. Over all cleaning like booming mopping, brushing, etc., is also included in this process. One can say that it involves a complete overhaul of a property.

Maintaining Properties Is Big Business

Property maintenance can be a profitable business. As more and more properties are established every day, the need for maintenance services is ever increasing. There are already numerous companies who have realized potential of this business and are now enjoying sustainable profits. The number of companies venturing into this industry is indeed increasingly growing but still there are millions of houses that require these services so potential clients are therefore never short of supply in this business.

Some of the services that customers ask for include:

  •  Air conditioning repair or setup
  •  Plumbing and winterization
  •  Electrical repairs, wiring, and installment
  •  Roof repairs and maintenance
  •  Locksmithing
  •  Boarding
  •  Refurbishment

Those where just some of the services that are involved in the business and depending on the properties needs or the client’s request, there can be many more maintaining duties involved. If you want to start a business revolving in these services, then you will need some form of training. It won’t be as much as a formal training though, because in this business, you don’t need a college degree or a field of specialty in order to understand the essential concepts.

You will also need some materials needed for maintaining a property such as:

  •  Various kinds of cleaning materials like brooms and mops
  •  A handy lawn mower or push mower
  •  Essential maintenance tools
  •  Vehicle for carrying the tools and supplies

Depending on the size of your company and the number of your clients, you will need more tools than the mentioned above. These tools are essential in the trade and you will need a good supply of quality tools to become efficient in this business.

Property maintenance is a necessary service in the modern-day world. Whether you want to call for a property maintenance company or whether you do it yourself, every house or building needs some form of maintenance to keep it in quality condition. If you want to take the demand for this service as opportunity to make money, you can always start your own business. With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can start their own property maintenance business.

10 Property Maintenance Tips That Can Save Landlords Money

As a landlord, you will find that you are usually responsible for the majority of the costs relating to property maintenance and repairs. However, there are number of things which you can do in order to help keep these costs to a minimum.

If you have bought a property as an investment, then you won’t want to spend more than your tenants are paying you in rent to carry out repair work. With this in mind, here are ten property maintenance tips which can save landlords money.

  1.  Electrical inspections – It is well worth having a qualified electrician carry out electrical testing at least once every ten years. This will help to make sure that wiring and circuits are safe, and help to prevent any electrical fire hazards. If you are supplying any electrical appliances, then these should be safe when tenants move in to a property.
  2.  Check detectors – Even after an electrical inspection, you will still want to ensure that the smoke detectors within your property are in good working order. Should a fire occur, this can be key in helping to minimise the damage by raising the alarm as quickly as possible.
  3.  Gas appliances – Similarly, your property maintenance responsibilities are likely to extend to the gas appliances which you supply as the landlord. A safety check carried out by a CORGI registered tradesperson should be carried out annually to provide you with a gas safety certificate (CP12).
  4.  External foliage – Whilst you may not be responsible for general garden upkeep, you may find that you need to prune any plants or branches which grow up or on to your property. Without regular maintenance, such greenery can cause moisture damage and invite unwanted insects into the property.
  5.  Grouting – Over time, grouting between kitchen and bathroom tiling can crack or decay. This may seem like a small problem, but if ignored it can lead to substantial water damage, which tends to prove costly.
  6.  Roofs and chimneys – Roofs should be checked for loose tiles and moss, whilst chimneys will need to be professionally cleaned once a year in order to ensure that they are kept clear of bird nests and creosote.
  7.  Drains – A routine inspect ion of drains and gutters doesn’t take long, but it can help to spot any debris that needs clearing. Failure to carry out this quick check can lead to water damage.
  8.  Pest control – Even if your property does not suffer from a rodent problem, you will want to look out for signs of damage caused by smaller pests such as ants and termites. It can prove expensive to rid your property of such pests after prolonged infestation.
  9.  Paint – Paint isn’t purely a cosmetic touch – it can actually help to keep a property free from rot and damp. If you’ve noticed that the paint on your property has started to peel, then don’t put off repainting until damage has occurred.
  10.  Heating and air-conditioning – If you have a heating or air-condition system installed in your property, then this should also be inspected at least once a year, whilst filters will need to be replaced more frequently. This will help to ensure that such systems are able to run safely, as well as efficiently.

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